What to Do if Your Pet Has a Seizure

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A pet seizure can happen at any time. One moment, you and your pet are going about your day and the next moment, he is having a seizure. You may feel helpless in this situation, but there are a few things you can do to help the situation resolve in the best way possible.

Keep Calm and Stay Safe

Let your pet handle it. Your pet may likely be unaware of his behavior, as well as surroundings, during and after the seizure. Dogs may be agitated, anxious, or blind following a seizure. Don’t try to pet or hold your animal while he is having a seizure. Even if your pet is normally kind and sweet, you can be injured if you try to comfort him during a seizure.

Clear Space

During your pet’s seizure, make the environment as quiet and safe as possible. Block nearby stairs and other dangers. If your pet has already had a seizure before, then it can happen again when you aren’t home. Look for dangers and help mitigate them. If you have stairs in your house, use a baby gate to keep your pet away from them.

Take Video

This is the best way to be able to show your vet what happened. Other conditions, such as pain, weakness, balance problems, or different behaviors can look like a seizure. You can just take a simple video with your cell phone to help your veterinarian know what truly happened.

Visit Our Veterinarian after Your Pet’s Seizure

You may not need to rush immediately to the emergency vet, but it’s important to check in our veterinarian in Bentonville, AR, if your pet has a seizure. Medical intervention may be necessary in order to help stabilize your pet and stop future seizures. Contact Animal Hospital of Bentonville for more information.