Vaccines FAQs

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Animal Hospital of Bentonville Answers Your Vaccination FAQs

Veterinary organizations recommend that all pets be vaccinated against common communicable diseases. These illnesses can make your pet very sick and can even cause death. Keeping your pet’s vaccinations updated is the single most important way of helping him to stay healthy. At Animal Hospital of Bentonville in Bentonville, AR, we are committed to helping animals live healthy, happy lives at every age. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive about vaccinations.

Which Vaccines Are Most Important for My Pet?

Pet vaccinations are divided into “core” vaccines, those that are most important for your pet to have, and “non-core” vaccines,” those that are needed under certain conditions. Core vaccines for dogs include distemper, parainfluenza, hepatitis, parvovirus, and rabies. Core vaccines for cats include rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, calicivirus, and rabies. Our veterinarians will recommend the types of vaccines needed for your pet’s activities and exposure.

At What Age Should My Cat or Dog Be Vaccinated?

Puppies and kittens begin a series of vaccines in the early weeks of life until they reach 16 to 20 weeks. After that time, they are given vaccinations annually.

Is Re-Vaccination Needed Every Year?

Most vaccines are designed to provide protection from disease for one year. However, some vaccines, such as for rabies, give protection for several years. Your vet can provide information on each vaccine specifically.

Are Pet Vaccines Safe?

Veterinary pharmaceutical manufactures go through a thorough testing process to ensure that vaccines for animals are safe and effective. Problems resulting from a vaccine are very rare, and the benefits of protecting your pet from disease far outweigh the risks of potential side-effects. If you have concerns about vaccinating your pet, discuss the matter with your veterinarian.

Choose Animal Hospital of Bentonville for Your Pet’s Vaccinations

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