Pet Seizures

Common Causes of Seizures

One of the most common causes of seizures in pets is exposure to a toxin. Your pet may have ingested it accidentally or it may have been given to him or her in the form of medication. Many medications that are commonly given to pets can cause seizures if given an excessive amount or if the medication is incorrect for the pet. Before you treat your pet with any over-the-counter medications, be sure to check with our team to find out if it is safe.

Common foods that you may have in your home can also cause a seizure in your pet. You like to treat your pet like a member of the family but sharing things like a brandied fruit cake or plum pudding exposes them to ethanol which might cause a seizure. Xylitol, which can be found in chewing gum and other candies, is also a culprit. Avoid exposing your pet to dark chocolate and caffeine as well.

Neurological conditions can cause seizures. One way to minimize the risk of seizure is to keep your pet vaccinations up to date since dog rabies and canine distemper can cause seizures. Other things such as epilepsy and brain tumors can also affect your pet. Common causalities are degenerative diseases, birth defects, trauma, immune-inflammatory diseases, cancer, and strokes. Problems with the kidneys or liver can also cause seizures.

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