Pet Eye Infections

The eyes are such a vulnerable part of your pet’s body. Many pets are prone to eye infections. Take a look at some of the information we have collected at the Animal Hospital of Bentonville in Bentonville, AR, about pet eye infections.

Symptoms of Pet Eye Infections

Even though the symptoms and signs of an eye infection can vary depending on the type of pet you have, the severity of the condition, and the root cause of the problem, there are a few general symptoms that can be anticipated. Some of the most common symptoms of a pet eye infection include:

  • Pawing or scratching at the eyes
  • Excessive watering of the eyes
  • Gooey discharge from the eyes that is either white, yellow, or green in color
  • Excessive redness of the white part of the eyes
  • Changes in visual capabilities, especially when the lights are low or at night

Common Causes of Pet Eye Infections

Eye infections can have a long list of root causes. Most often, the infection will be caused by some foreign debris in the eye that has led to a bacterial issue. However, pets can develop eye infections that are actually contagious, which means they may have been exposed to something by coming in contact with another animal that had an infection. Lacerations of the eye can also lead to an infection. For example, if your dog scratches their eye while running through thorny brush, this could lead to an infection.

How Are Pet Eye Infections Treated?

In most cases, pet eye infections are easily treated with the attention of a veterinarian. After a proper diagnosis, the veterinarian may prescribe medicated eye drops for the eyes, oral medications, or even some form of topical salve to be applied to the eye. It is very important to keep your pet’s eyes clean if they do have an infection, which means you may need to wipe down their eye with a medicated cloth or soft cloth daily until the infection has cleared. The vet may have your pet come in for a few follow-up visits to make sure the infection clears and your pet’s vision is not affected.

Talk to Your Veterinarian about Pet Eye Infections

An eye infection can be a serious threat to your pet’s vision, so it is an issue that should be treated as quickly as possible. If you suspect your pet has an eye infection, contact us at Animal Hospital of Bentonville in Bentonville, AR, to schedule an appointment.

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