Importance of an Annual Wellness Exam

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At Animal Hospital of Bentonville, we recommend that your pet sees a veterinarian for a wellness exam at least once per year. Wellness exams are an important aspect of keeping your pet healthy and without them, you could miss important signs of health issues.

Nose to Tail Examination

Your pet’s annual exam is a great chance to make sure everything is alright. It’s easy to miss early warning signs of serious medical issues. Wellness exams reduce the risk of such medical problems developing. The emphasis of these checkups is thoroughness. While a human annual physical might be quick and easy, your pet’s checkup will include a detailed examination checking for any medical problems. This is because your pet can’t say how he or she feels and what might be wrong.

Wellness Strategizing

Assuming your pet doesn’t have any serious medical problems, the second part of the exam is strategizing. This is where you can discuss nutrition, meal planning, exercise, and other general health issues that need to be addressed. The strategizing session is an essential tool to ensure the best quality of life for your pet.

Talk With Your Vet

Every time you see your vet, you should learn something new. Perhaps you will pick up some useful information from our pamphlets and posters. Maybe we will outright explain something important. The wellness exams are another chance for you to learn more about maintaining your pet’s health. Often, this is the most important part of the visit. Make sure you speak up and ask any questions or concerns about your pet.

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