How to Prepare Your Dog for Surgery

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Surgery is a pretty big deal. Even simple procedures are, in fact, quite complex. It’s important that you prepare your animals for pet surgery and that you follow any directions a veterinarian gives you. The right preparation will greatly decrease the risks of complications during dog surgery. Visit us at Animal Hospital of Bentonville in Bentonville, AR to learn more.

How to Prepare Your Pooch for Dog Surgery

Talk with our veterinarian about any specific steps you need to take to prepare for surgery. That said, you typically have to withhold food from your dog or other pet before surgery. Often, a vet will instruct you to withhold food for 24 hours.

During surgery, your dog, cat, or other pet will typically be put under general anesthesia. This means that your pet is essentially knocked out and won’t feel any pain and will be less likely to move. Anesthesia is necessary to prevent complications during surgery.

Anesthesia will also reduce or stop some of your pet’s natural reflexes, such as the gag reflex. If your pet vomits during surgery (yes, this can happen), it’s at risk of choking. By withholding food, you greatly reduce this risk of choking.

Our veterinarian may also instruct you to withhold water. While water is sometimes less of a risk than food, it can still be a major problem. Often, you will only have to withhold water for a matter of hours, usually 4 to 6.

Our vet also recommends your pet gets plenty of rest before and after surgery. You’ll usually want to skip vigorous activities before dog surgery, such as hiking, as well.

If you have questions, speak with our veterinarian or schedule a pet exam!

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