Gastrointestinal Issues in Cats

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Gastrointestinal Issues in Cats and How a Veterinarian Can Help

Cats are hardy animals. That said, just like us humans, cats can get sick. Gastrointestinal issues in cats are particularly common. If you’re worried about your pet, schedule a pet exam at Animal Hospital of Bentonville in Bentonville, AR.

Gastrointestinal Issues in Cats: What to Watch for

Pets often suffer stomach issues. Your pet might vomit or suffer diarrhea, for example. If the issue clears up quickly, there is most likely nothing to worry about. However, if your pet’s diarrhea or vomiting continues for more than 24 hours, it’s wise to visit a veterinarian. Likewise, if you notice blood in your cat’s stool or vomit, veterinary care may be needed.

Unfortunately, cats are very good at hiding illnesses. You might think your cat is perfectly healthy when in fact he is sick. While cleaning the litter box and feeding your pet, pay attention to your pet’s habits and how he is acting.

If you notice that your pet is suffering from stomach issues on a reoccurring basis, this may hint at a serious problem. Reoccurring stomach issues may be the result of a food allergy or something similar. If that’s the case, a diet change may be in order.

Another problem to watch for is weight loss. If your feline suddenly losses a lot of weight, schedule an appointment with our veterinarian. You might also notice that your cat has bad breath. If you pet’s bad breath is persistent, it may be due to either a dental problem or a stomach issue.

Parasites are a particular problem. Giardia and coccidia, in particular, are common causes of stomach issues among felines. Further, coccidia can be transferred to people, so you’ll want to be especially careful.

Fortunately, if your cat is suffering from a stomach problem, our veterinarian can prescribe treatment, such as antibiotics and other medications. Before prescribing any treatment, our vet will accurately diagnose what’s causing your cat’s stomach issues.

If your cat is vomiting, suffering diarrhea, or is experiencing another issue, schedule a pet exam with Animal Hospital of Bentonville in Bentonville, AR.